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released October 17, 2012





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Track Name: 5708 Melancholia
Plain black blood
Dripping from a razorcut on my heart
These days
It hurts to be alive
The horror
Is embedded into my eyes
Feelings are torturing me
Wish i had no soul, no nerves no heart
Track Name: Beshrewed
this is horror
this is a nightmare
it aint no life
it is (only) survival
for it's not a blessing
but the meanest curse
only moments of joy
decades of suffering

i wanna leave
i don' fit here
can't find my place
among the living dead
i scratch the pavement barehand
to reach the soil
and bury myslef

Frustration, depression might derive from our inability to adapt ourselves to the existing social norms and sets of values that are ruling the culture we were born into.
Although human nature - as complex and diverse as it is - opposes such restrictions of mind and body, these norms and values frame and keep a hold on human liberty both in a physical and a psychological way. The earlier one adapts him/herself to these norms the less they will consider it a serious problem; the later one has to face the problem of assimilation to these rules the more difficult, impossible and awkward will it seem. Thus, most of us, punks, drop outs, activists teenage rebels or dreamers are pretty much exposed to this nerve-wrecking psychological problem. By good fortune(and dedicated work), we have our very own diy culture, providing us an example of a more egalitarian and livable society, that we can escape to whenever the outside world depresses us too much. We should preserve it by all means!
Track Name: The Continuing Appeal Of Nationalism
Negras tormentas agitan los aires
nubes oscuras nos impiden ver
Aunque nos espere el dolor y la muerte
contra el enemigo nos llama el deber.

if only my anger, could set your flags aflame
burning your populist policy filled with hate
'cause what you call knowledge
i simply call blind faith
and this world is so much more complex
than you believe

as you grow in great numbers
you try to intimidate
this the policy of hate

Rascism and nationalism breeds and flourishes in ignorance. Social inequality, insecurity just breeds them further. Blaming is an easy way to solve complicated problems for it does not require intelligence, in-depth analysis or empathy. Rascism and nationalsim are illusory and very narrow -minded solutions to existing problems in a society. Both of these theories are abstract speculations that weigh a lot more emphasis on belief over experience. (You can be a nationalist knowing nothing about other nations, or be rascist not knowing anything about races or biology in general).
They prove perfectly how a ruling class doctrine can mobilize oppressed people in order to fight a certain enemy ( i.e. their own peers - viewed from an economic perspective). These ideologies might represent the only common principle between the billionaire and the hungry production line workers who are willing to spill their own and their real peers’ blood (be them called their enemy) for an ideology that is a mere upper class speculation. A/E
Track Name: A Song Of Innocence And Experience
Long is the road leading from hell to heaven
shall we change the train on our way
or shall we keep heading to that same destination?
oh, i got serious doubts if there's anything there at all

from the moment we articulate our very first cry
we're exposed to the virus called modern culture
we, so innocent, and the attack so aggressive
infected, invaded, tortured, doomed

with the mother's milk we sucked this culture into ourselves
we've been cradled to sleep,dreaming the takers' dream
we're told to reach to and stay at the top of the pyramide
we buy the things from them
and we produce things they can sell,
and we are raised to depend on them
we are them
(are we the damned?)

the landscape is barren.. (we're crossing) a wasteland
what have we left behind ? does anyone remember?
in these few box-cars why are we crammed?
(we are) running out of coal, still full speed ahead

Every newborn is exposed to a certain culture the very moment they see the artificial light of the hospitals’ labour room. The food we are fed with, the tales we are told as a child determine how we would see the world in the future. And when something is so deeply rooted in our consciousness we tend to think that’s the natural way things are or should be. We believe in democracy and its leaders, in a god and its’ representatives, we accept existing social structures and the aims laid ahead of us. For most of us these things do not bring ease to our life, however there have always been people (church, landlords, industrialists, politicians, bankers to name a few) who profited from others’ total obedience to these ideologies.
We should learn from the past, from the so-called ’primitive’cultures and societies that are based on equality and harmony with nature. To criticise dreamers, activists or people who still belive things might be changed is a way to defend your exploiters. Complaining is senseless once you’ve surrendered. Fight by any means you can!