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Track Name: Rivers Run Dry - rephrasing old dogmas
we keep on repeating the same spectacle/ rephrasing old dogmas/ over and over again/ the script and
the setting is the same/ rephrasing old dogmas/ over and over again/ no new noise would save us from the act of/ rephrasing old dogmas/ over and over again/
norms and not notes are to be blamed/ for this
unidirectional information stream /repeat/ rephrase/ communicate
Track Name: Rivers Run Dry - the clock's tyranny
standing for hours in queues/ so as to be able to pay/
to pay for our misery/ our conditions keep us quiet and still/ is there a life that is more bitter than this?/
i don't wanna go through this process/ i wanna live rather than possess/ don't want the time to consume me/ i wanna end the clock's tyranny
Track Name: Rivers Run Dry - hearts urbanized
black is the air/ bricks are turning black/ chimneys and exhausters/ vomit solid waste/ the filth of the city/ dwells deep under my skin/ (first it) poured into my pores/ (and then it) found it's place to sleep/ (now it) covers all my heart/ turning it/ insensitive/ aggressive/ egoist/ sick/ aching/ dead/ the more you're embraced by this jungle/ the closer you get to this horror/ (here) everything is square/ (here) everything possesses a stench/ i'm now an organic part/ of this inorganic place/ all the means/ all the people/ all the dreams/ all the sorrow/ piled up in one place/ one upon the other/ a complete disorder/ to be burned at the stake
Track Name: Rivers Run Dry - failure/success
your failure my succes/ your succes my failure/ i know i will lose again/ it's clear that i got no chance/ for it's a battle between the one/ and the one zillion/ we're doomed to fail/ endure the pain/ but i proudly stand/ bare feet in the dirt/ watching your world/ coming to an end