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released December 12, 2010





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Track Name: Rivers Run Dry - come disaster, come catastrophe!

"What would we experience during the course of a disaster? Would it make us come alive? Would it give meaning to our actions? Would it make us realize we had only this life to live? How would people react in the moments when everything is uncertain? Would they finally get rid of the roles imposed on them? Would they act more for the common cause or for their own needs? Would they thrive for equality or would they refuse to share?And what would survivors of a catastrophe do afterwards? Would they start
creating a different, let us say, better society or would they simply rebuild the old one? Have you ever felt like your whole life is a disaster or that the way we live is disastrous? Have you ever wondered if it could be any different, if it could be changed? Would you call this change a revolution?? But would everyone call it like that? Wouldn’t they refer to the collapse of modern world as a disaster or a catastrophe? Well, if yes….then I beg: Come disaster, come catastrophe!!! "
Track Name: Rivers Run Dry - age of isolation
she knows her fate, yet she can't understand /why she's doomed to loneliness if /she is willing to live /she' been left alone in an enormous crowd /uninteresting for the rest of the world /she's got to deal with – isolation /this society treats improperly -the old, poor, disabled and sick
she's got to deal with – isolation / (for communication equals economic interaction)/ no word to beat her eardrums- but her own mumbling /nothing but a screen -to relieve her solitary /now she's at the border - of madness and death /still waiting help - someone to care / no one to listen hear her cries- but herself /no one to see feel her pain - but herself

"This one is for those who are left alone, who are excluded from the society due to their disabilities, age (being “too old” or “ too young”), wealth or simply for bearing a certain quality that makes a person unfruitful, incompetent to the system . In a competitive society people spend huge amounts of
time and energy to reach that ultimate goal laid ahead of them. We are so busy with winning the race or at least to show some results or progress that we have no time to spend with those out of the race.
But instead of thinking about how we could involve them in this rat race, where we should place them on an uneven playing field, we should rethink and rephrase the whole concept, we should set new goals and let them be attainable for everyone and we should straighten that playing field and call the race off."
Track Name: Rivers Run Dry - pesticide
in the name of progress / we killed the insects /and sow the seeds of our death
pesticide is homicide/ i’m afraid of the consequences that may come / i’m afraid that it may wipe us out of this world leaving nothing but a scorched earth

"What is on our table? What do we eat each day? Can it be an end product of some experiment that has unpredictable effects on human body? We’ve already been made to believe that there is such thing as
an ideal fruit or vegetable. This is an example how modern market can influence our tastes. Some of us prefer gigantic and shiny apples while others prefer “organic” ones and there are those who can only afford to care about their price. (labelizing something organic is also a gigantic business by the way)
It is market and the worship of profit that forces/convinces farmers to use genetically engineered seeds so that they can produce and profit more. A farmer believes (or maybe isn’t concerned at all) that since these seeds are made vendible/ available they also must be harmless…well, I am not a scientist
and I am not claiming this food is poisoning me, but I can’t foresee whether it will have any harmful effect on me or on people, plants and animals of future generations."