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released January 2, 2014





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Track Name: bedsheets on concrete
in the greatest filth we swarm we die
(we are) hunter and gatherers of modern times
in mountains of concrete we survive
though you cleared us out of your mind

this is life too, but not up to your taste
the sunrays caress our weary faces
our smiles are toothless but honest
it´s a misery fed happiness

every thought is like a cut with a knife
we place our bedsheets on bare asphalt
boozed up angels guard our sleep
that´s the price of being free

counting time backwards
measuring it with the loss of our teeth
there might come one day (when)
y' all will have to live like this

the dirt on our faces is the dirt that you make
the garbage that feeds us is the food that you waste

For some reason I respect more those who are engaged in a day to day survival than those fighting to realize capitalist dream, getting from rags to riches. Homeless people often build communities where caring and mutual aid serve as basic principles. They got to live a life depending on the waste production and (sometimes) help or call it “charity” of the consumerist society. I truly believe that there are many things to be learned about comradeship, caring and social/communal structures from homeless communities, thus I would never be able to look at them with pitiful eyes. They prove me that beauty and the will to live can flourish in misery as well.
Track Name: cycle of survival
like dogs on chains
who serve their master for food
day after day
to our bosses we obey

with economic hierarchy
the product slips out of our hands
they turn goods into money
to redistribute it in an unequal way

they entertain us, lull us to sleep
of our energy, they are in need
they govern us, our religion they preach
of our creativity, they are in need

they want people
who like dogs on their chains
that serve their master for food
to their bosses they obey

A world divided into dominating and dominated (groups of) people is unjust by its’ nature. We have to question the “divine” right of exploiters (be them kings, politicians, industrialists, bosses and etc) to make use of other people’s physical strength, time, creativity for their very own interest. Institutions, such as democratic governments, “national culture”, armed forces, police, organized religion or in some cases even science only help to maintain this distinction between those who only enjoy the fruits of human labour and the ones who produce, but cannot enjoy them.
DIY communities often realize policies based on the equity of all participating members. They organize protests and manifestations, community kitchens, they set up shows, libraries, fairs and markets, they run youth or cultural centers, they occupy buildings and use them for non-profit goals, some release records, publish books, some hold work-shops and share what they have learned etc. Each of the examples above contradict somehow to capitalist rationality, thus often has to fight the capitalist (for profit) equivalents. Do not let them disappear, fight for what is just! No gods, No leashes, No masters!